5 comments on “On The Money; Why Does Money Smell Like Bounce

  1. We have neighbors that regularly blast Bounce-like, toxic-smelling stuff out of their dryer vents. 😦

    • You have my sympathy. That’s an awful smell. Maybe you could stick a hose in their dryer vent to pipe that shit back into their bedroom. They probably don’t even smell it anymore, and won’t notice until they get cancer. Then when they die, maybe you’ll get better neighbors. Good luck.

  2. The old lady next door to my half acre thinks we have skunks coming out of the woods 🙂 I can’t even keep money in my wallet. I have to put it in a plastic bag and then when I go into the store with my gas mask I pinch it out really careful with my figertips in a feeble attempt to keep that stink off my hands. I have MCS and severe asthma and cannot be around anyone anymore. Even the rare people who don’t use chemicals stink once they go into a store or gas station and the stench sticks to their clothes. This is probably the main reason why people are too poisoned/stupid to notice chemtrails. I can smell it everyday, even when they don’t spray it, since everything is well saturated now. It’s only a matter of time before millions of people start getting MCS, unless the chemically-induced cancer kills them first.

    • I sympathize completely. MCS is real, and it really sucks. We are being poisoned, and by the time people realize it, they are too sick to do much about it. It’s criminal/

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