4 comments on “Thanksgiving Science Spectacular

  1. If I could make some little suggestions; Your page is really long and people are really short, and if you put you ,LIKE, SHARE, TWEET logos on top I think that would be better. Also if you hit like it takes to World Press login ?? Wuwt.?? And it would say cool if when you Google -” Like you’ve” your site would pop up in the drop-down…but my guess is that would cost MONEY the bastards. Truly love your stuff !! Trying it help (>’-‘)>..Kirby

    • Thank for the suggestions Frank. I understand the frustrations with wp sign in. I also wish I could write shorter posts. I’ll have to work on making the site more accessible.

  2. Bad typing sorry hope you got the gist. Also I commented from my email that took me to your site but I don’t think it worked cause it didn’t show up here….It was really good to.
    As a really really old person I can tell you that the ONLY thing you can do in this life is to touch people’s minds, cause in the the end that’s ALL that’s left of US. I just hope they laugh or think, he was pretty fucking cool.

    • Thanks again Frank! I think about tactics a lot, and I have to agree with you that changing the way people see and think about the world is primary to making change in the world.

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