5 comments on “Snip Snip Snip

  1. At last! A more light-hearted post! No seeds is an effect of big pharma mindset: centralized corporate control over a “grass roots” localized economy. Seeds in the bag encourages us to grow our own, get off the narco-terrorism grid, and cuts costs. Ah, the $30 big bag of ditch weed, we hardly knew ye!

    • So good to hear from the Professor again! Glad you enjoyed this post. It is amazing how well black market drug dealers have adapted to the pharmaceutical model. Birds of a feather… Nebraska ditch weed was bred for fiber, but the cannabis grown in Humboldt has been bred for medicine, and acclimated to the North American climate. Plant it everywhere!

  2. Pot growers here in Humboldt, at least those with some business sense, are suddenly finding themselves having very capitalistic, even republican-esque, thoughts about Prop 19. There is no question that all-out legalization will change the economic landscape of the marijuana market. No doubt, many well-funded and large-scale growers already have plans for how to expand their businesses once legalization finally happens. And it’s all about money, right? But look at Humboldt County, where, like many other parts of California, small-time growers are making serious money. We’ve already covered the numbers behind pot growing in other posts , so we won’t get into that here. We’ll just remind you that growing pot, if you actually have a clue what you’re doing, can bring in profit margins of 300%, easily. That means for every $10,000 it costs to grow, the best growers are making $30k profit, and for many of them, that happens six times per year, and most don’t bother paying income taxes.

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