10 comments on “Rob Arkley’s War Against the Poor in Humboldt County

  1. Wow, very interesting article. “Tired of taxes, moves business to Louisiana,” typical. Thomas Jewerly’s products are farmed out as well. When is enough money enough? I guess to some individuals its a adult form of playing “monopoly” as we did as children

    • Funny your comment just arrived while I’ll reading a article aboutObamacare. It’s going to be crazy for some.

      • Awesome, thank you!
        I hadn’t paid as much attention as I should have, unfortunately I come a very conservative family. However with a pending divorce, I need to understand all that is involved in this process. People feel passionate about their beliefs, all I want is a “no spin” factual account. While reading Friday’s Democracy Now a person was stating how great this will be. Checking your article now.. Also great perspective on relationships

      • Thanks, my blog is no place to look for the facts, but I hope you enjoy my perspective. Divorce is hard any way you look at it, and I feel for you going through one now. Good luck!

  2. I for one would like to hear/see the rob arkleys of the world show a little gratitude for their obscene prosperity in this country!! there is no way that one individual can accomplish all of this prosperity on his/her own. but for the workers who have done the actual work and not been sufficiently compensated, the arkleys of the world would not have survived. no way is one person so much more superior that he/she should be compensated more than they have actually worked. all your passive income is a mockery, making ill gotten gain off the backs of the workers of the world! Shame…

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