6 comments on “The Humboldt Broadbandit

  1. Maybe I’m writing this too soon, but I’m guessing they were hot on the trail of whoever was cutting the lines. Notice how incidents seemed to stop abruptly? I’m guessing authorities started focusing on the guy or guys doing it but still couldn’t prove it. They gave it up rather than keeping going and getting caught.

    • btw I liked today’s post on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me leave a comment. I’ll bet the Hate Boat would be way more entertaining than the Love Boat, and I can just imagine the bedlam in Hate American Style. I think you’ve found your calling Fred, you should pitch them a screenplay for a pilot.

  2. If they’re anything as bad as HughesNet, it was quite possibly a disgruntled customer instead of employee.

    • that’s a distinct possibility. I don’t know anyone who’s completely happy with their service, whoever it is. So I wouldn’t blame them a bit.

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