3 comments on “On the Money; Foie Gras

  1. Wow…really disturbing visuals!

    Our ‘goose IS cooked’ and we are the geese.

    Being off the grid, I know that you know how much society is seduced from what is real by the propaganda fed to them via the media. Funny, that term “Reality TV”.

    Although having never watched a lot of TV – maybe a few hours a week, I have watched none since the super bowl. During that time, it has become even more apparent how much people in our culture are oriented around what the media, especially TV, feeds them. And, how efficiently it gets across the message that the 1% wishes to send.

    Like the goose with a tube down it’s throat, people willingly submit to it. They don’t even know what it is to live outside of that paradigm.

    I’ve said this before, and I think some people think I’m a bit wacko, but sometimes when I’m walking around in the world (not tucked away on my little piece of paradise) it’s so surreal to me. I pinch myself hard to make sure that it isn’t just a bad dream. And ouch…it hurts!

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