4 comments on “What I Bent Over My Summer Vacation

  1. Hey there! Was just idly Googling myself and found this page 😉
    Liking your version of that Barbie keyboard! Is the PCB pic the board out of that keyboard? The Barbie version I’ve done is a lot bigger and has through-hole components instead of SMD, but there’s a strong chance yours has the same circuit, only miniaturised.
    I’ve been wanting to try that big grinning cat keyboard for ages! They’re expensive on eBay though, gonna hold out for a cheap one from a car boot sale 😉

    Bob @ Bogus Noise

    • Great to hear form you! I’ve enjoyed quite a few of your contraption vids on youtube. I found the pc board photo online. I’m pretty sure the Barbie keyboard has through-hole components as I’m not that good w/ surface mount stuff. The ring mod sounds great on it though, I use that keyboard a lot musically. The cat-head keyboard has surface mount components. All I did to it was build a passive 4ch mixer into it, and added color-changing LEDs to the eyes, for visual appeal. It already goes “Meow” and purrs what more could I ask of it?

  2. Hehe, thanks! Will be uploading more videos soon (once I’ve finished some actual music), so keep an eye on there – a few new beasts waiting to be unleashed 😉
    I misread the page, thinking the SMD board was in the Barbie-alike, guess yours will probably be the same then! Looks like the chip will be an amp, so could be some nice distortions after a bit of fiddly soldering. Maybe I’ll find one this season and have a play around…
    Have built up a fair few of those ringmod circuits as well, can definitely get nice tones with them!


    • Will do. My album of circuit-bent music will be out soon as well, like two weeks. lots of stuff with the Barbie knock-off. It really cuts through a mix. I like ring mods a lot, but tend to ignore distortion mods ’cause I have so many distortion processors. Cheers!

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