2 comments on “Doping Hurts Everyone, Especially Drug Enthusiasts

  1. We’re blessed/cursed to have been born between two times: the end of American hegemony, when jobs were so plentiful we didn’t have to compete for them, and now, when corporate suits can take away your paycheck, pension and pride without a second thought. Designer babies, golden parachutes and blind trusts are the ways we cope with an unsustainable lie: that we can say or do anything we want, without considering the effect our actions will have on our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

    Sports people are going to look for the new chemical edge, students are going to cheat to get into a better school, and people are going to believe whatever the TV tells them because, as Dylan once famously said, “the vandals stole the handles.” Now all we do is fight over the remaining scraps of scarcity. We’re not going to stop “enhancements” that make us more productive and less human. Let’s just be honest and nonjudgmental — if someone wants to take drugs or break the rules to achieve a goal, let them do so, and admit it openly without repercussion. People who cheat feel they have to, and we shouldn’t blame them, we should look the system and society that led us down this hole.

    • Great to hear from The Professor at long last! Sure, blame the system, but just because we can agree that the system is rotten to the core, that doesn’t excuse people from continuing to invest in it, whether they cheat or not. And yes, I agree that we should expect those who continue to invest in the rotten system, to cheat, because the rotten system corrupts everything it touches.

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