4 comments on “Dirtbags, Miscreants, Undesirables and Low-Lifes pt1

  1. Don’t you love seeing George rolling around town wearing one of those Godfather shirts? That is not just who he thinks he is, that is who he is down here thanks to ongoing protection from Kenny Swithenbank, Mike Downey and other members of the HCSO.

    • I dunno. I just find the excess nauseating. I think its ugly and stupid. The greed, its ugly and stupid! Who wants to be ugly and stupid? Ugly stupid people, that’s who.

      • It was such a nice scene here until those and other similar greed heads started in on monetizing everything and killing the genteel vibe of the ma and pa growers, along with the fish they’ve killed by sucking huge amounts of water to operate their industrial grows. I don’t want industrial grows, I’d much rather have healthy salmonids and salamanders in healthy creeks. EPA should kick their asses.

        I still love it here, and as they say, what goes up must come down. This too shall pass.

      • I agree totally. When pot drops to $500 a pound, they’ll clear out pronto. That’s why we need to legalize it. People need the herb, and they need it to be cheap. They shouldn’t have to work themselves to death to feed blood-sucking dope yuppies. Cannabis is beautiful! Money, and the idiots who crave it are ugly and stupid, and they ruin everything beautiful about life.

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