4 comments on “On The Money; The Sick Ideas Behind Healthy Humboldt

  1. right on, in many ways, very true, though as one who has apparently had the bad judgment to try to fight back against the profiteers to keep things from getting worse, I can tell you first hand that Healthy Humboldt isn’t profit motivated. Yes, we have collectively made a mess of things, and I am as angry about it as you are you are, but lashing out against those who are trying to figure out how to make things a little less bad is just…petty. Without Healthy Humboldt and so many other groups and individuals who’ve tried to keep the developers, realtors, and large landowners from controlling everything, things would be a lot worse. So what do you propose?

    • The problem is, while Healthy Humboldt negotiates miniscule improvements, big damage gets done, and the miniscule improvements don’t put a roof over anyone’s head, nor do they address the the outrageously high cost of housing. As a result, everyone will have to work harder, and make more money, to afford a home. More money for homes means more environmental destruction, because all money, ultimately, gets made out of the resources of planet Earth.

      Don’t tell me that the people at Healthy Humboldt aren’t motivated by money, perhaps not profits, but they want to justify their existence, so their grants keep coming in. Just because they try to reign-in developers, that doesn’t mean they don’t themselves, have unrealistic expectations of a middle-class lifestyle. Most college grads do. How else will they pay-off their student loans? So, don’t think Healthy Humboldt is on your side, they are looking for “win-win” solutions, the problem is they want the county, developers, land-owners, and middle-class homeowners to win, all of the people who caused the problem in the first place. When those bastards win, we lose. Anyone can stop unsustainable development with nothing more than a match and a gallon of gasoline. We don’t need Healthy Humboldt for that, and we sure don’t need people with middle-class aspirations, or backgrounds telling us how to live sustainably, because they haven’t a clue.

      BTW I don’t think its petty to criticize liberals, like those at Healthy Humboldt, just because others are even more stupid and evil.

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