4 comments on “The Olympics, Hitler’s Best Work

  1. If it was mentioned once, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but the fact that it was mentioned several times…Hitler did NOT invent the torch, nor did he even come up with the idea. Yes, it was the Nazis, yes, Hitler had the final say to hold the Games, and did it with the sole purpose of using it as propaganda, but to say that he invented the idea and the torch, that’s giving Hitler too much credit, not to mention, just inaccurate. This is not nitpicky internet trolling…you are obviously pushing an agenda with the London Olympics comparison…don’t be a hack man! If it’s unintentional, know your stuff, if its intentional, then you’re purposefully misleading, which is worse.

    • Hitler, and his filmmaker Leni Reifenstal, took a very “hands on” approach to the spectacle of the 1936 Olympics. The torch relay was of special interest to Hitler, who offered many suggestions about it, including the fuel. the Krup Company incorporated his suggestion that the torch burn a mixture of propane and butane. To this day, the Olympic Committee recommends Reifenstal’s film about the 1936 games as a guide to presenting the games to a world audience.

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