2 comments on “A Candidate Sends Me a Sponge

  1. John Hardin,

    Please have some self respect for yourself and your government. Your disrespect for someone who is trying their hardest to make a living and help California is unbelievable. Your insanely insulting comments about his wife Susan, have hurt her and her family. I guess ill just skip all the other references to your insulting and shameful article and just skip to my main message, which is that you are insensitive, rude, and have shown the entire world through your ridiculously crude blog that you have no class whatsoever and are incredibly judge mental. No one likes a person like that, and you should know that every time you post another crude and insulting comment, you are losing the respect of thousands of poor people who happen to stumble upon your disgusting little blog.

    Worst wishes,
    everyone who knows.

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