5 comments on “On The Money, The Zombie Apocalypse

    first , hello my name is david I live in argentina ( the norteamerica or europe of the south, sort of speek…) i am 26 year old and for a long time ago I think like you do , we are in free falling state , in the all world and I dont fell young anymore, that feeling of “party all night long and day to all the week every day” something is wrong in the people , I hope that we can work it out in the long run, this messege is to support you way of thinking and you website , that you are not alone. keep the fire up, cheers ( sorry my English is quite ugly jeje)

  2. another thing , maybe is the music that I listen that make me different to all the rest , I listen all the 50 , 60 70 80 90 and STOP right there jajaja…, jazz bepop jazz ,R &B , BLUES! rock , progesive , chill .. , coltrane , rolling stones , howling wolf, etc etc….
    and the greatest of all time , the master and the profet , JIMI MARSHAL HENDRIX!!!!

    “tell me what your listen and I tell who you are”

    • I agree, and thanks for asking, David. I am a devoted Peter Gabriel fan. If I’m listening to music I did not compose, usually its an old Genesis or Peter Gabriel cd. I also love the guitar work of Robert Fripp, and every incarnation of King Crimson, but I cultivate my own distinctive taste in music that increasingly forces me to compose my own music to listen to. I am currently working on my sixth cd of original music. This album features a lot of homemade and circuit-bent electronic and acoustic-electric instruments. Look for a new single to emerge here soon.

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