6 comments on “Why Guitar Players Have Better Love Lives

  1. “They envy our self-satisfaction, and like being around someone who isn’t always worried about how they look, or what people say about them. Ultimately that’s why women love us.”

    No, bro, that’s not why. There is something called the Y Factor, which shines when a male stops trying to act “like a man.” Then the man that IS there and has been all along ironically gets to show through. It usually does not happen in front of male peers and it has to do with a willingness to be vulnerable–the thing men have been told never to be. That’s what’s irresistible–that maleness that’s there when the BS is stripped away. Most women have a keen Y Factor radar, and the guys able to employ the Y Factor are usually those who have gained a self-satisfied position so that they’re not threatened by our thinking or their own vulnerability. That part is true. Guitar players know how to fake Y Factor, rather poorly, actually, but they do attract a lot of twits who more often than not will look back on those days with remorse. As for sex, if it weren’t relentlessly couched in terms of conquest (more BS) and valuations (yet more BS), there’d probably be a whole lot more of it.

    • Y factor or Ynot, I don’t know, I don’t think guitar players are fakes. I’m sorry if you had bad experiences with guitar players in the past. Good luck in the future.

  2. “From the quarterback on the high-school football team, to the class clown, to the most studious bookworm to the biggest burnout, the only reason a guy exerts any effort at anything, is to impress women, starting with his mother. Unfortunately, most of the things that guys do to impress women, completely fail to do so.” ~ JH

    Response: HOJ never had a mom to impress, so maybe the diamond in the rough was not to evolve like so many brutuses in society.

    Guitar is art…….people who include arts in their lives typically are better people for it.

    “They envy our self-satisfaction, and like being around someone who isn’t always worried about how they look, or what people say about them. Ultimately that’s why women love us.” ~ JH

    Response: AKA, rebellious…….thepyat is not the first ever to imply that women don’t view a man’s self satisfaction as a turn on, but then again, enough men and women are just sexual duds, sexual turn-offs, uninspiring during sexual proliferated actions, jaded, etc…..

    It is fact that every woman HOJ has ever entertained was best explained by “attraction to confidence and free spirit thoughts irrespective of what other’s think”…….HOJ proves it every day, undeniably true……, BUT it is also true that HOJ could never experience every woman on earth and those types who have the opinion of thepyat…….that some women exist whom don’t really have standards, and so choose flippantly…..and, that some women exist whom have competing standards to the norm with regard to how a man interests them……some women look for abusive men because that is what they are used too from childhood……..all makes and models exist, but “NORMS” exist as well.

    Good thinking article JH, something more of us should contemplate.

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