6 comments on “Anna Hamilton Drops Another Load on KMUD

  1. The reason no one has bothered to collect the info is that the business owners are unwilling to give it. Believe me, you aren’t the first to think of it.

    Pot growers is about as useful of a stereotype as all the rest. Some growers give their money generously. Others not at all. Some causes get generous donations; others not so much.

    And, for the record, I think that Anna is right that the downfall of many non-profits will come with the price drop that legalization will bring. I’m still for legalization. I just don’t kid myself about the consequences. I’ve been a fund raiser for multiple causes for many years. Growers keep non-profits afloat in SoHum

    • In some ways, SoHumers are exceptionally generous. The last time my truck broke down, at least 10 people stopped to offer help. Some SoHum growers also put in a lot of volunteer time, which I laud them for, but for these, mostly single, people, who work at home, by themselves, volunteering provides much needed social activity.

      At the same time, growers like to take credit for every dime that gets spent around here, and constantly tell us that we’ll never make it without them. They also deny responsibility for, or the existence of, the environmental impacts of their agricultural practices, and the corrosive effects of prohibition on society and this community.

      As a result, the economic dialogue around here goes like this:

      The growers say, “Aren’t we great, look at all the money we spend?”

      …to which the non-profits reply, “Sure, you growers are great, no problem. See, we throw you a party. Please give us money”

      …and the merchants all say, “Sure, you growers are great, no problem. See, we sell the scissors you like, and turkey bags too. Please buy stuff from us.”

      …and the homeless and traveling kids say, “Sure, you growers are great, no problem. See, we work long hours and sleep on the floor. Please give us trimming jobs.”

      …to which the growers then remark, “See, I told you we were great, and that we caused no problems. Isn’t it great, how great we are? Isn’t our greatness just AWESOME!?”

      …to which the non-profits reply, “Its great when you support non-profits.”

      …and the merchants reply, “Its great when you shop locally.”

      …and the street kids reply, “Its great when you pay us.”

      That’s not an economic debate, that having your head stuck up your ass.

      When Anna took the next paranoid leap, suggesting that the reason for the recent federal crackdown was not the millions of dollars the cops confiscate directly, but simply to keep the awesome greatness of growers in check, she was hallucinating on her own fart gas.

      So, what if we lose a few non-profits? Non-profits are a dime a dozen, and most are overpriced at that. By now millions of non-profits have come and gone, and neither our social, economic nor environmental situation have improved much as a result. Non-profits mostly exist to alleviate liberal guilt. If people didn’t feel so guilty, we might not need so many.

      What about soil manufacturers? Might they be more forthcoming about quantities bound for Humboldt? If you wanted to know how much soil came to SoHum, you could just sit in a chair, off of Redwood Drive, across from Evergreen Business Park, and count the trucks, couldn’t you?

      Regardless of the size of the marijuana industry, it behooves us all to reduce our reliance on it, rather than exaggerate its benefits.

  2. While there certainly are nice and generous growers, overall there is a huge yuck factor going on around here. The black market is shady business. It attracts shady characters and brings it out in others. A lot of people rip each other off, dope yuppies routinely exploit pot slaves, and everyone is on guard. I wonder if folks here realize just how much they give up for pot money, things like self esteem, real trust and companionship, and social status. I think that is what is behind all the self congratulatory talk. I’ve lived in a number of very cool communities, and the people didn’t go around talking about how great they are. The constant self-congratulation around here is quite odd.

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