Celebrity Word Power, Micturatious

Celebrity Word Power

Building Your Vocabulary One Famous Person At A Time



Today’s Celebrity Word Power word, comes to us from Newt Gingrich, who included it in a comment he posted to this blog, a few weeks ago.

Micturatious (‘mick tyou ray shus) adj. With this one word, the Newt described the ad for my terrific new all natural biotech herbicide, and provided us a very rare specimen of a word. By taking the archaic, clinical verb, mic·tu·rate (‘mick tyou rate) intr.v meaning, to urinate, to piss, and converting it into an even more rarely used, perhaps never before used, adjective, he dropped us a lexicographer’s delight here at www.lygsbtd.wordpress.com.


We can only assume that by “micturatious” The former Speaker of the House meant “urinatious” if such a word existed, or perhaps “pissy”. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for taking time out from your busy campaign to visit www.lygsbtd.wordpress.com and for leaving us such a treasure.

I wish you good fortune in your pursuit, and hope you have a micturatious future.


P.S. I encourage any and all celebrities to include their favorite unusual words in a comment here at www.lygsbtd.wordpress.com I don’t care how corrupt, evil or offensive you are, as long as I recognize your name, you count as a celebrity with me, and I’ll treat you as an honored guest.

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