2 comments on “On The Money, The Snack-Cake Wars

  1. i love twinkies, say it isn’t so. What would we do for lunch if no twinkie? You have heard they are deep fat frying twinkies at fairs now? So maybe that will save them.
    I hate to say it after what you said, but I love Little Debbies moon pies too. If fact I use them as sleeping pills when I can’t sleep. Eat a moon pie and fall asleep. Works for me.
    (I love this blog, keep up the good work, and keep us informed on the demise, or otherwise, of Twinkies. Bobbie

    • Thanks Mom! I think in the near future, I start posting recipes for other things to do with Twinkies, since I already stocked-up. The first will probably be a flambe fruit and Twinkie jubilee. Look for the new feature called: “You Call That Cooking! how to make not quite a meal from stuff that is not quite food” in an upcoming post.

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