10 comments on “Some Friendly Advice for Garberville Merchants

  1. I kind of like where you’re going with this in general, but it isn’t true that all middle-class people want to go only to Disneyland or Universal Studios. Sure they want to go there, and I’ll bet most of the kids who grew up in SoHum, want to go to these attractions, too — and so do their parents.

    BUT a LOT of middle-class people care a LOT about redwoods and what I will loosely call “nature.” I am a volunteer at Humboldt Redwoods State Park and I have talked to many, many middle-class and upper-middle class people who are thrilled to be there, excited to learn about redwoods and forest ecology, and who feel passionate about protecting ancient forests as well as other “natural wonders,” species, etc. Some seem to be environmentalist/progressives from places like Seattle, but most of of them are just folks from Wherever, IA.

    I was a middle-class child of middle-class parents, just as 1950s/standard issue American Dream as you can get (my grandparents were immigrants and my parents were the first people in their respective families to go to college — working their way through, etc. etc.) and we came to the redwoods for our vacation as well as to Disneyland. I personally preferred the redwoods and that’s why I’m here today in SoHum writing this piece. I have, however, certainly fallen out of the middle class economically, in large part because I refuse to participate in the local illegal industry and have just been slogging along on modest-wage above-ground jobs and now Social Security.

    Please let’s stop stereotyping people

    • I think the fact that you have dropped out of the middle-class in order to live in nature actually makes my case. Lots of kids born into middle-class families, give up their economic privilege in order to spend more time in nature, and I say applaud them for that. But middle-class is not just a stereotype, to be ridiculed, it’s a real disease that is destroying the planet.

  2. I was just at Garberville and all of the redwoods towns around the Avenue really need tourism. There are closed signs on too many shops and restaurants. There is not many places to eat or buy goods, and the prices are very high. The people are very vagrant looking and it did make me enjoy my time in the Redwood’s less. I didn’t know the major pot influence before I got there or why it makes some of the people dress grungy and dirty? I feel their style was over board and out of date by 2 decades or so. I would like to see the Redwoods area have a little more to offer like a modern gas station or a sonic? Or even just like that gas station pizza chain. The Woods are amazing, the atmospere of Garberville was killing the town and businesses.

      • If I had know how terrible the town was I would have gone some where else. Wow, Even term yuppy is 80’s. That town is the Land of the lost. I expected to see pay phones and a Delorian time machine to 1993 Maybe on one day all businesses will close and the people there will leave the town to be inhabited by modern world of microwaves and cell phones….and If thier really sucessful a Walmart. Progress

    • I’ll be the judge of that. I don’t want to see any more corporate logos in my town, and I spit on anyone who complains about the poor people in my town or their sense of fashion. Every politician in America kisses the ass of the middle-class. Don’t expect the same treatment from me. I think the middle-class are a bunch of hyper-conformist douche-bags, and I moved here so that I wouldn’t have to see so many of them.

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