12 comments on “Some Friendly Advice, for the Band Embryonic Devourment

  1. hahahaha that was great – thanks for the press man! However we can’t change our name now…we’re 10 years strong and have signed a record deal under this name. When we formed the band we were pretty young haha and over the years the name just stuck i guess. One morning while eating a plate of scrambled eggs i realized that i was committing Embryonic Devourment. Lots of people do this…so the name is practical…eat your eggs….lol
    Cheers brother -Embryonic Devourment-

  2. John Hardin have you ever though about changing your name to john the baby eater. i think people will take you more seriously. or jon the baby killer .. thats better. this guy lol ……….. There music has nothing to do with the destruction of baby’s thats the governments job . And Embryonic Devourment job to expose how the government devours our youth. do you really understand the bands point of view. there words are not random hate. they make stands for there beliefs. I hope this sends more light on the understanding of this band . we love this bands point of view and there understanding on Government, politics, and youth of the future. now be a good boy eat your eggs and help get the word out that this band is here for the youth Devourment .. Thanks john

    • Well, no. I have never considered changing my name to john the baby eater, but thanks for the suggestion. I’m not very familiar with the music of Embryonic Devourment. I’ve heard a few of their songs, but not many. I do support them in their quest to bring their music to a wider audience, and agree that we live in a culture that devours it’s youth. I’m glad that you have discovered their music, and that it means a lot to you. Music is power. Rock on!

  3. by the way, they arent the only people that use devourment as a word, there is actually a band called devourment, and they were voted most brutal band in the world, from texas

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