2 comments on “Word Power, Ixodid

  1. you bastard!
    you made me look at that awful tick

    true fact: when i first came out to california,
    a 17 yr old hitchhiker from indiana,
    a tick rode all the way
    48 hours on my nipple…
    i also once had one on my…yes there!
    and when i was 19 i got stung by a yellow jacket on my third eye
    on acid
    at a party at lost river
    those were the days

    blogs are something,man,
    but maybe you should go with my radio show idea
    it only has to be funny and not boring
    so you could pull it off

    in the happy event that i learn to edit sound and etc,
    and create said show
    i will of course try to recruit your excessive talent

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