4 comments on “I’m an Eichmann, You’re an Eichmann, Wouldn’t You Like to Be An Eichmann Too

  1. They can beat me or even kill me but they cannot stop my tears. I was a Marine as well as a US Soldier and looking at what we have done in the name of freedom reminds me that I was just a tin soldier, riding from a worthless battle. I am shamed by my blind obedience. I am tormented by what I have done in the name of God, Country and mom. I watch as those who know, speak against the raging insanity of those who scream to quiet the pain. The pain won’t go away. I now serve the poor, feed when I can, who I can and have stopped wanting to rule the world.

    I am 60, I was a Marine, a solder in the US Army, a blind follower of my God, My country and my Education. Now I have come to realize I have become what I despised, a supporter of people who have done such evil that I am shamed by their actions. We need to open our eyes to our hearts and stop ourselves from using our freedom to kill.

    • Thanks for sharing your feelings. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I try to sugar-coat it with a bit of humor, but that doesn’t make it any less serious. Thanks for your honest service.

  2. What’s done is done. Who do we give the land back to? Where do we go when we do give it back? What will the natives do for customers in their casinos if we give the land back and leave? It is what it is. Am I supposed to feel guilty about slavery in an American country that I was not a part of nor even alive to witness and/or be a part of? Should african-americans receive preference because of that? WELL, maybe we should apologize to Tokyo for the bombs and maybe we should apologize to Germany for shooting the place up and drop off a million or two Poles for their playtime. (Don’t forget a few Jews for dessert!!) Hitler learned to bake at an early age and THAT’S NOT OUR FAULT!! Get over it and get real!! Like I should be upset about what Mitt Romney does with his money and NOT BE UPSET ABOUT WHAT OBAMA DOES WITH MINE!!! AND, (now that I’m started) we need obamacare like Nancy Pelosi needs a halloween mask!! Please go away. And, Marine Boy, you are a COWARD. I served as well. Less thinking, Marine Boy and more obedience. Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do or die. I’m so glad you’re done with your hitch because you’re the kind of soldier that gets others killed. Please go away as well.

    • For starts, maybe we should recognize that what we have here, we got mostly by being greedy, violent assholes, and then stop pretending God loves us for it.

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