Only in Humboldt Co.

We can all testify to Humboldt County’s uniqueness, but what exactly makes us so unique. Other counties have redwoods. Other counties have bigfoot sightings, and now they even have earthquakes in NYC. So, what makes Humboldt County different?

Only in Humboldt County…

…do we have 200 sunny days a year, and 100 miles of sandy beach, but the two have never met.

…do we have more breweries, than cities

…will you find so many healthy “seriously ill” people

…do rednecks listen to the Grateful Dead, while hippies listen to Johnny Cash

Includes "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash

…can you be partially eaten by both a bear and a shark

…do they have “Back to School” sales on bongs

…do we have more places to buy grow lights than gasoline

…does the local paper include “Best Weed Strain” as a category in their annual “Best of” reader survey

…can you go to the beach everyday and not get a tan

…does mold have attitude

…do white kids stand on the street-corner looking for agricultural work

…will you find the lint traps at the laundromat full of marijuana

…will you hear someone say “Jahdios” instead of goodbye

…will you ever have too much pot

…do people have nightmares about spider mites

…do we turn red diesel into green diesel

…have we imported enough potting soil to build a whole new county

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