5 comments on “Zine Review, The Black Lamp, Thong of the Thaumaturge etc, by Okra

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  2. Holy moly and a bucket’a crap — I’ve been wanting this guy’s current address for years. He wrote a zine called AMBERGRIS more than a decade ago, and it’s been in my upper pantheon of favorites since I found it long ago. And I feel lucky having it, as I’ve never seen it anywhere else. That was in Pittsburgh 2005. I will sit myself for hours in front of a zine library whenever I come across one and his zines are still not easy to find. It’s no surprise though: Ever copy and distribute your own zine? After sending them out to your friends you start to really feel that the debt incurred on copying and shipping is the pricetag of your own conceitedness. I bet most of his released zines are still tucked away in some avid zine freak’s small collection of besties just as mine is today. Thank you for reviewing these new ones of his and posting his address, I’m sending out a letter and some cash to him right now.

  3. Do you see this guy around town? I sent him a note with a coupla’ bucks (admittedly not really all that much) and I still haven’t gotten anything mailed from him. Just looking for some more of his work, I wonder if he skipped out on that address. Let us know if you’re aware, thank you

    • I see him occasionally, I see his ex girlfriend more, and she sees him regularly. I will tell either or both of them the next time I see either of them.

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