4 comments on “The Night I Met Frank Zappa

  1. i don’t have the sympathy for the “travelers” that you do…(re your letter to the editor)
    i met you in treats the other day with amy…
    i have MY stories buried in an old comment thread on someone else’s blog, i know, strange…

    hey! what a revelation! the other day i saw amy…just amy without you trailing after or vice nersa…
    whatta team…
    i’ll send you the link to my stories if you’re interested…

  2. I don’t have sympathy for the traveling kids, so much as I despise the gentry.
    These traveling kids are the ones who bring the money into SoHum. Who do you think buys all of that pot you grow? Who do you think sells it to their friends? If you don’t want to see dirty hippies around, just shut down the marijuana industry!

    Sure, send the link!

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