4 comments on “On The Money, Time v Money

  1. I’m not a Socialist, Communist, or even a Marxist, but I have to say that Herr Marx was right about a whole lotta stuff!

    Capitalism commoditizes EVERYTHING. It is like a huge fucking sucking monster that seeks to turn everything into a profit in one way or another… children, families, art, ideas, counterculture, technology, and most especially TIME.

    A very, very few societies have figured out they don’t need or want this in their lives, but very few, as capitalism seeks to also commoditize those very same societies for their “tourist” value.

  2. Right on! But this planet is home to more than ten thousand distinct, and non-capitalist, human cultures. The few that remain strong, are under tremendous pressure as capitalism attempts to commodify and enslave them, like it does everything it infects. Thanks for your comment!

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