6 comments on “On the Money, Work.

  1. Absolutely!!! I read an article years ago about Buddhist economics. I am by no means an expert and might be mis-representing it but what I got from the article was that work is pointless unless it enriches your spirit in some way. You spend so much time at work in this society (we are the lazy Americans who work too many hours according to the rest of the world) that it is the biggest influence on who we are and the value of our lives. That struck such a cord with me that I have made the majority of my job related choices according to that. I mean I have taken crummy jobs so that I could eat and keep the electricity on, but I have also taken the leap of walking out on a job that was harming me and living very poor (or should I say inexpensively because I never felt poor) until I found something that I liked. For instance… before I was hired at the current job I have which I love mainly because the people I talk to on a regular basis are so neat, I didn’t work for 6 months and ate a lot of rice and things I picked for free or from volunteering at C.R.’s organic farm and I only applied for 2 jobs during that time because I wanted something that would enrich my life and not drain it. Anyway… I love your article and think that we need to switch our focus as a society… more digging in the dirt for ourselves and less struggling in the filth for others…

    • Right On Sarah! Work should nourish the soul rather than suck it dry. Too many people measure themselves in dollars, and try to fill that hole in their soul with cash. Thanks for all of your work at KMUD!

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