Hello Necrophiliacs!

Greetings Necrophiliacs!

A very hearty welcome, and warm greetings, to all of the necrophiliacs who have recently discovered this blog. Its exciting to have so many readers after just a few months of blogging, and I’m very glad that my work resonates with this new demographic.


In the last two weeks an unusually high number of people found this blog through “Google” searches. Specifically, a lot of people searched for: morgue+sex, sex+in+the+morgue, corpse+sex, corpse+sex+morgue, hot+sex+cold+corpse in various combinations. This led them to my recent piece “How to Survive the Heat Dome”


While “How to Survive the Heat Dome” did include the words “hot sex” “oral sex” “morgue” and “corpse” in the same 300 word essay, I did not suggest, endorse, recommend or in any way condone (wink, wink) sex with dead people. However, regular readership, that is, people who check this home page daily, has picked up dramatically ever since. I cannot help but conclude that necrophiliacs really dig this blog.

Personally, I have never had sex with a dead person, except maybe once, when I was very young and very drunk. I do not endorse, recommend, suggest or condone sex with dead people, but I’m sure its very nice, if that’s what you are into. I’m very glad to have new readers, and I hope you’ll check back often.

P.S. I personally “Google” searched: sexy+corpse, corpse+love and necrophilia, looking for pictures to go with this piece. This blog came up each time.

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