6 comments on “Loud Pipes, Orange Cones and the Redwood Run

  1. I figure once a year is a small price to pay for all the money these folks bring into our economy (plus I like most of them–nice folks.) I do agree that blocking off two sides of the road was a bit much though. I hope the Chamber gets the word and reserves a few less spaces next year.

  2. Kids’ Ipods don’t make a sound? Hardly. Try spending a few minutes on public transportation for a change. (Oh, I forgot, you live in Northern CA). During my subway commute, I try to get a few quiet minutes on the train before entering the craziness that the city is. But those darned kids, with their cheap earplugs, pour out whatever gangsta rap the crooked wannabes are into that minute. Back in the day, boom boxes were a negotiation between inside and outside cultures — you would go to the back of the bus or train to drain your triple D batteries. Now, iPods are everywhere, there isn’t any public space where you don’t hear f-bombs leaking out of cheap headsets.

    Noise? When you’re surrounded by trees?

    Poor baby.

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  4. We all have our opinions. I think you are a little overboard. Bikers do bring some revenue to your community like it or not. Suck it up. You could have a lot more issues. I think one weekend a year you could stay away. Just a suggestion.

    • Maybe you could put mufflers on your obnoxiously loud bikes. I don’t see any of that revenue, but I sure hear those bikes, and nothing says “asshole” louder than a Harley Davidson.

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